Our Story

About Us

Welcome to Cookdrop Kitchen! My name is Ashley Fahr, and I am an informally trained chef from Boston, Massachusetts.  When I say informally trained, I mean that I never went to culinary school; I instead learned about food through a Master 1 in “Food and Food Cultures” from La Sorbonne in Paris, France. I continued my education in food while working at cooking schools in restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles, before eventually settling in as a personal chef in this beautiful city of angels.


I hope that you are visiting this site for its most obvious purpose, which is to gain your business. Beyond that, I hope it inspires visitors to seek joy and love through food, because whether I am cooking for you or not, that is ultimately the goal.


From 2017-2020, Cookdrop Kitchen expanded to include two private kitchen and dining spaces.  Our dear friend COVID stepped in and changed the course of Cookdrop’s trajectory, so both spaces are shuttered for good.


I am embracing the challenges that COVID has presented, and am constantly looking for the innovation opportunities it may provide.  I wish you happiness, joy, and love, especially when it comes to your food!

“To invite people to dine with us is to make ourselves responsible for their well-being for as long as they are under our roofs.”

– Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.