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At the heart of the business is a desire for customers to celebrate and gather around food. Groups can come in for a private cooking class, rent the studio to shoot the launch of their new product, or bring in their favorite chef to prepare a special occasion meal. Food is the stuff of life, and it is our main currency.

Cookdrop started in 2015 as a meal delivery and private chef service in Los Angeles. In order to expand and reach more customers, we opened a private dining and event location in a live-work loft on the west side of Los Angeles, in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Customer demand came from several different channels – team building cooking classes became a hit fairly quickly, and we have had the pleasure of hosting groups from Facebook, Hulu, Google, Belkin, Sony, Chevron, Netflix, UCLA and more.

Small teams started to rent the space for off-site meetings, and would either have in-house catering or outside services provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner as needed.

Husbands reached out to organize birthday dinner celebrations for their wife and friends; girlfriends asked to organize bachelorette cooking classes and catered bridal showers.

We wanted to provide a first-class experience in every facet – a fun, delicious, and often educational experience set in an intimate environment. Response for all activities stayed high, and we wanted to keep up the momentum, so we opened a second location in the burgeoning Arts District of downtown Los Angeles.

“To invite people to dine with us is to make ourselves responsible for their well-being for as long as they are under our roofs.”

– Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

We open our doors to guests to encourage culinary creativity in any direction they choose. While under our roofs and under our care, we will do our best to provide the best experience possible.

Downtown Arts District
(Los Angeles)

688 S Santa Fe, Suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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