Our Story

COVID-19 Safety

The landscape of dining, entertaining, and meeting up with others has invariably changed. Although we will miss the old way, we are embracing the new normal as steadfastly as possible, in order to ensure an experience that is as safe as it is enjoyable for guests.

As of June 1, 2020, Cookdrop Kitchen will enact the following the policies:


  • We will only welcome one group of diners/renters per day, with a maximum of 12 guests per group
  • The space will be thoroughly cleaned and air will be properly circulated each day, before another group comes in
  • Temperature checks will be taken for everyone, including staff and guests, daily
  • We are conducting contact tracing
  • All staff will wear masks
  • Disposable masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be available to guests throughout their visit
We will continue to update this list as needed.