Frequently Asked Questions


  • What’s the best way to book you for my event?
    • Please use the sign up form on our catering page; alternatively, you can email us at, or call (424) 289-8556
  • Is there a maximum or minimum number of people you will cater for?
    • We can cater parties as little as 2 or as many as 150
  • What types of ingredients do you use?
    • We only use the best quality ingredients we can find, ever.  Every Sunday and Wednesday we are shopping at the Mar Vista and Santa Monica Farmer’s Markets, respectively, and throughout the week we are purchasing organic produce.
  • Will the meals stay cold if I’m not eating them right away?
    • Yes. All dishes are delivered in insulated bags with ice packs.  You can store the food in the bags for up to 4 hours.  After that point dishes should be refrigerated.
  • Where do you shop besides farmer’s market?
  • Do you provide on-site catering, in addition to off-site?
    • Yes. We have a fully equipped and well-appointed kitchen and dining space in Marina Del Rey, which comfortably hosts 20 guests seated, 35 guests standing.
  • Can you hire staff for our event? 
    • We can take care of every single aspect of your event, from equipment and plate rentals, to hiring valet and bartenders, to decorating your space with flower arrangements and theme decorations.
  • Do you you require deposits?
    • Yes.  Upon approval of the menu and budget proposal, we require a 25% deposit (payable online via credit card).

Personal Chef

  • How much do groceries cost? 
    • Grocery cost varies depending on the set menu and the number of people in your group. On average groceries cost between $125-175.
  • Are kid-friendly foods available?
    • Yes.  Kid-friendly dishes can be included in your 8 dishes, or can be added to the drop off rate for an additional $15/dish. Please see the kids menu in the menu & pricing section for some ideas.
  • How long do the dishes last for?
    • The shelf life of each meal will vary, but we strive to make dishes that are good for at least 5 days in the refrigerator.
  • Will there be reheating instructions?
    • Yes. Each drop off will come with reheating instructions for each dish.  The dishes are delivered in glass oven-proof containers and will be labelled.
  • How do we get the containers back to you?
    • Someone from Cookdrop will come pick them up at a time that is convenient for you.



Cooking Classes

  • What is the class format? 
    • Typically classes will start in the prep & kitchen area, with a brief introduction, followed by hands-on cutting, prepping, and cooking on individual induction burners. Classes end in the dining area with a seated meal, and wine.
  • How long are classes?
    • Most classes will be 2.5 hours long. Certain specialty classes will be longer – this will always be indicated in the class description.
  • How many people are in each class?
    • Classes are available for up to 8 students.
  • Will hard copies of recipes be provided?
    • No.  This is not just in an effort to save paper – we find that everyone ends up throwing away any hard copy items we give them! Instead, we ask you to put the pencils down, enjoy the experience, and wait for us to email you all recipes and buying guides upon class completion.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    • We do not offer refunds, but if you cancel with 24 hours or more notice, we can reschedule you for another class of your choosing.
  • Where do the classes take place?
    • Classes take place at Cookdrop Kitchen, located at 1046 Princeton Dr, suite 107, Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292
  • What is the parking like?
    • There is limited parking in the area.  We strongly recommend taking a Lyft or Uber (especially if you plan on having a few drinks)

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cookdrop accepts check and all major credit cards.