Cookdrop started 4 years ago with a girl who loved food, and has turned into a culinary catch-all for guests to eat, laugh, drink, learn, and most importantly indulge in the joys of food, regardless of the event. We offer catering and cooking classes, both off-site and in our two locations – Marina Del Rey and Downtown in the Arts District.

Guests are also welcome to take over the spaces and have their own culinary fun – shoot new food products, hire a private chef to provide a tasting dinner, or meet around some lunch to discuss their company’s latest product launch.

Ashley Fahr

Cookdrop is the brain and foodchild of chef and founder Ashley Fahr.  She started cooking at age 19, during an internship at America’s Test Kitchen in Brookline, MA.  Although she could barely cook an egg when she started, she became enamored with food and cooking, and still is.  The fact that no matter how much we learn, we’ll never know all there is to know in the great world of cooking, kept her hooked.  She also loves France and speaking French, so after graduating college she traveled to the city of lights in order to get a Master’s from La Sorbonne.  Ashley studied “Alimentation et Cultures Alimentaires,” or Food & Food Cultures.

Ashley then spent two years in New York City where she worked in restaurants (l’Apicio), catering kitchens (Brooklyn Botanic Garden), and one of her favorite food places and spaces, Haven’s Kitchen. A road trip up the coast of California in the summer of 2013 showed her how amazing the produce and weather in Southern California can be. She decided on the trip to start applying for jobs in Santa Monica. A quick google search for “best restaurants in LA” led her to Melisse restaurant, her first cooking job after moving west.

Most people in the industry will probably agree that restaurant cooks are underpaid and overworked, so she decided to try her hand at being a personal chef and caterer instead.

One thing led to another, and in searching for a larger kitchen to accommodate her growing business, she procured a space on the west side in Marina Del Rey. An unintentional business opportunity arose once people started renting out the space for their own food-related events, and in February 2019 Cookdrop Kitchen expanded downtown to the Arts District of Los Angeles.