Cookdrop was born organically through the work of Chef Ashley Fahr .  Chef Ashley’s first foray into professional kitchen work began with an internship at America’s Test Kitchen in Brookline, MA, in between her junior and senior years at Cornell University. Ashley fell in love with cooking and, after obtaining her college degrees, traveled to France in order to get a Master’s from La Sorbonne.  Ashley studied “Alimentation et Cultures Alimentaires,” or Food & Food Cultures. During this time Ashley worked under renowned pastry chef Pierre Herme, and iconic chef to Elle Magazine, Elisabeth Scotto (a marvel of a woman, and one of Ashley’s role models to this day).

Ashley then spent two years in New York where she worked in restaurants (l’Apicio), catering kitchens (Brooklyn Botanic Garden), and one of her favorite places and spaces in New York, Haven’s Kitchen. An auspicious road trip through California in 2013 led her to Santa Monica, and she has stayed ever since.

Ashley worked in the kitchen at Melisse restaurant when first starting out in California, but quickly noticed the high demand for private & personal chefs in the LA area (feel free to shoot an email if you’re wondering the difference between personal & private chef 🙂 ). More and more often, however, clients would request that the food be prepared in her home and then be to delivered to them in glass containers. Ashley decided to primarily offer either a personalized drop off service, or a full-service catering option.

However, this wasn’t enough.  Ashley wanted to be able to feed and serve more people, which is why she decided to add a third arm to her business: a more affordable meal delivery option, which still highlights best quality and organic ingredients, but which will be offered at a more competitive price point (please visit the Meal Delivery signup page for more information).

Ashley and her incredible, couldn’t live without them staff thank you sincerely for visiting Cookdrop online, and we hope from the bottom of our hearts that we can provide the nutritious and delicious foods you crave.